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Erectile dysfunction and reduced libido are some of the most concerning symptoms related to lower levels of testosterone as men get older. However, “ED” and a low sex drive are not the only symptoms related to Low T.  Low testosterone levels can result in lack of energy, mood changes and foggy thinking – as well as a reduced sense of wellbeing, reduced endurance levels, and loss of muscle and bone mass.  All of these symptoms can significantly impact quality of a man’s life and mental well-being.  Low testosterone is also associated with many very serious health issues including increased risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes and anemia.

The good news is that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy at Live Well Functional Medicine in Santa Fe, NM can restore a man’s testosterone levels to what they were when he was younger – improving or eliminating erectile dysfunction and restoring a healthy sex drive. Even better, we offer bioidentical hormone replacement pellets that are safer and more effective than other types of HRT – and only require a single treatment every 6 months!

Testosterone is the primary male hormone.  Its production in the testes begins in puberty and it is the hormone that leads to increased muscle mass production, facial and body hair, as well as deepening of the voice.  As men get older, it is extremely common to have a reduction in levels of testosterone – resulting in erectile dysfunction and other symptoms of “Low T”.

Low testosterone can be caused by aging, obesity, metabolic syndrome which is a combination of abdominal weight gain, hypertension and blood sugar imbalance, and some medications including narcotics.  Other causes include injury to the testicles, testicular cancer or radiation, and chromosomal issues resulting in diminished testicular function.

If you would like to restore your sex drive, improve sexual performance, increase energy, lose weight, or enhance your overall quality of life, schedule a discreet and confidential consultation with Dr. Martinez at Live Well Functional Medicine in Santa Fe, NM today. And see if hormone replacement therapy is the treatment you need to say goodbye to erectile dysfunction.